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Protect your Precious VW

Protect Your Investment & Your Future Together! 

VW Protection Plus Genuine Manufacturer approved protection items

protect your precious volkswagen brantford



Genuine Volkswagen
Mechanical Breakdown Protection

Volkswagen Protection Plus Mechanical Breakdown Protection

Extend your warranty coverage with Mechanical Breakdown Protection.

As you know, Volkswagens are amongst the most technologically advanced vehicles in the world. They are fun to drive and they are equipped with a very comprehensive warranty.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection is designed to extend your warranty protection. Once your original warranty or certified warranty term expires. Mechanical Breakdown Protection offers valuable coverage backed by the strength of Volkswagen Canada.

With genuine Volkswagen parts and qualified technicians, you are guaranteed a timely and quality repair for covered breakdowns. Mechanical Breakdown Protection also offers valuable additional benefits to reduce the inconvenience of an unfortunate breakdown.

Coverage extends throughout Canada and the U.S. (excluding Hawaii) and you are only a toll-free call away for customer assistance.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection is available for Volkswagen models* within 10 model years and less than 160,000 kilometres at time of purchase. There are many term and kilometre protection plans available along with a deductible option that's sure to meet your needs.

Don't let unexpected repairs put a dent in your pocket. Purchase Mechanical Breakdown Protection today and have the coverage you need for life's uncertainty.

Here is why you should consider it....

The investment is less than 1% of the purchase price of your car!
It's also less than only one mid-sized after warranty repair!
Unexpected repairs usually end up being carried on a credit card, at over 18%!
Even if your car could be built 99% perfect, with over 17,000 moving parts, 170 parts will still fail within its life.
Coverage is available up to 8 years or 250,000km!
You can choose from 3, 4 or 5 star levels of coverage!
It includes road side assistance & a rental car benefit with upgrade!
You may qualify for a claim-free reward benefit!
Plus, by selecting the coverage at the time of purchasing your VW, you can include it in the monthly payment if you wish (oac)
For example: For only $45 added to your monthly payment, you could have 4 Star (comprehensive) coverage for 8 years from purchase date, or a total of 160,000KM total!!

(Based on a 2012 Jetta, financed over 5 years, not including hst & interest charges)

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Genuine Volkswagen
Lease Excess Wear Waiver


Volkswagen Protection Plus Lease Excess Wear Waiver

Avoid Unexpected Excess Wear Costs on Your Lease Vehicle

Leasing a new Volkswagen should be a carefree and enjoyable experience.

Enjoy added peace of mind knowing you are covered with Lease Excess Wear Waiver for the following:

Paint scratches
Windshield and other glass/lens damage
Bumper damage
Upholstery damage
Worn tires
Damaged wheels

Volkswagen Protection Plus Lease Excess Wear Waiver includes a waiver of up to $10,000, so enjoy your Volkswagen knowing that you’re protected.
Coverage is offered by Volkswagen Finance, with no deductible, and is fully transferable to a new lessee if you transfer your lease. Volkswagen Finance will ensure you have the ultimate Leasing experience with the Lease Excess Wear Waiver.

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Genuine Volkswagen
Appearance Protection



Volkswagen Protection Plus  Appearance Protection

Maintain that New Car look for years to come.

Keeping a car looking as good as it runs can be a challenge. With common urban mishaps that happen all too often like a door ding in a parking lot or a rock chip in a windshield, your Volkswagen may soon shine a little less brightly than it did the day you took it home.

Volkswagen Protection Plus Appearance Protection is designed to keep your vehicle looking its best for years to come.

Available for new, certified pre-owned or used Volkswagens, Wear Protection will ensure your vehicle looks great and maintains its maximum resale value.

With coverage throughout Canada and the U.S. (excluding Hawaii), you never need to worry about filing a claim for vehicle repair when you are away from home.

The "When, not if it happens" coverage!

Available for new & pre-owned VW's as finance, Lease or cash purchases, for up to 7 years or 250,000km.

$0 deductible & rental car benefit included!

Convenience Plan from $14 per month **our most popular seller!

Front windshield repair or replacement
Paint-less dent removal
Interior protection
Key & keyless remote replacement or repair

Road Hazard Plan from $15 per month

Tires & ALLOY WHEEL repair or replacement
(Curb scuffs, pot holes, nails, road debris)
****Includes coverage for seasonal tires/wheels

Combined Plan from $24 per month

All items listed above covered!

(Payment examples based on a new VW plan, for 4 years or 250,000km financed over 5 years. Not including hst or interest)

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Genuine Volkswagen
Loan Protection



Volkswagen Protection Plus Loan Protection

Safeguard your credit and loved ones with Loan Protection.

Protecting your credit is important. Having a backup plan for life's uncertainty is something that savvy consumers take into account when they take out a loan.

Loan Protection is that backup plan which could help to protect your credit and retain your vehicle.

Loan Protection is a life, critical illness and disability benefits plan that protects your financial commitments when you need it most. Fully insured by the Co-operators, one of Canada's most distinguished insurers, Loan Protection offers valuable coverage that will help keep your credit reputation and protect your loved ones in the event of your death.

Some of the advantages of Loan Protection include:

Coverage for people between the age of 18-70
Covers loans up to $100,000
No medical examination required
Same rates for all insureds regardless of age, smoker, occupation
Competitive rates with other financial institutions
Cancellable at anytime

Protect what you can't predict.

Peace of mind for as low as:

Disability: $15 monthly
Life: $11 monthly

Life & Critical Illness: $22 monthly

(Example based on a total financed amount of $14,000, on a five year term)

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Protect your second largest investment in life!


"We should tell you, we actually have many cars who weren't even purchased here, come in for many of the below applications........they are just that awesome!"

Window Tint $359 or $6/month

Besides the "Sporty" appearance there are other benefits to window tint. Your car will stay cooler in the summer months, it offers privacy for you and your occupants while driving Plus, it assists in concealing your belongings if your car is parked. BEWARE not all window tint quality is equal, and the installation on a Volkswagen is one that requires expertise. VW window seals are extremely tight (that's partly why your car is so quiet to drive in), therefore, if the tint is not installed properly, you WILL have peeling! Trust us to get the quality tint film & installation your VW deserves!

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tint-car       tint-2-car

Before                          After

PPS Teflon Paint Coating $459 or $7.50/month

Two words "NEVER WAX". Not only will your car's paint feel like silk; this product creates a permanent "non-stick" surface on your paint, protecting from salt, tree sap, bird droppings, bugs, UV rays, etc. Warranty included.

(We have used PPS exclusively for over 10 years now!!)
Check it out online www.ppstechnology.com

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PPS Teflon paint coating           PPS Teflon Paint coating

Before                             After


"Complete" Interior Preservation $259 or $4/month
(non-toxic & water based)

Create a barrier for "Life's Mishaps"!!! We treat seats, all carpets (even inside trunk), door panels, seat belts, head liner etc. (we did say 'complete"!) Warranty included.

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Transparent Stone Hood Guard Film $359 or $6/month

Professionally installed, non-yellowing clear urethane is applied to hood & fender fronts where stone chips, salt "sand-blasting", can result in visible damage & surface rust. Warranty included.

More info or want to book in your car?



stoneguard       stone-guard-nail

Electronic Corrosion Control Module $599 or $10/month

Electronic protection has been used for years on bridges, ships, pipelines, etc., to help protect these expensive structures from costly corrosion damage. Now, electronic protection is available for automotive vehicles. Electronic modules are installed in vehicles to supply electronic charges throughout the metal body to help protect against corrosion. Warranty included.

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Sym Tech Anti-Rust Corrosion  Module

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