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Yes, I still love my Jetta! You guys did a great job fixing the bumper after I got rear-ended.  I wanted to comment how much cleaner my car was after – INSIDE and out! That was awesome! 
(AS April 2015)
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Take a moment to educate yourself, it's important!

At a time when emotions are running high, & important decisions need to be made, being informed will help ease the stress!


Do I have to take my vehicle to the body shop suggested by my insurance company?

  • The choice of where to repair your vehicle is always YOURS.

What is my deductible and why do I have to pay for it?

  • Your deductible represents the financial portion of the claim to which you are responsible for. You would have agreed on the set amount of your deductible when you purchased your insurance policy. You may have different deductibles for different claim types; please confirm with your insurance company.

When do I pay my deductible?

  • Your deductible can be paid at the time you pick up your vehicle, once the repairs are complete.

Do all insurance "Preferred" auto body shops offer the same services & benefits?

  • No they do not! You should always confirm or ask what other service or benefits they offer. For example; ask the shop if they honour your manufacturers warranty? (All insurance "preferred" auto body shops must honour the LIFETIME warranty offered by the insurance company)

Does your company offers a warranty on repairs?

  • We offer a LIFETIME warranty on the repairs to your vehicle as long as you remain the registered owner or lessee.

Will you be able to repair my vehicle back to it's original condition?

  • We offer a LIFETIME guarantee on all repairs. We have trained technicians the latest equipment to ensure the repairs to your vehicle meets manufacturer specifications. It’s our responsibility to ensure your vehicle is as safe as it was before the accident.

Will you be using brand new parts to repair my vehicle?

  • If your repair is managed by your insurance company; it is not up to the body shop to make the decision on which parts to use for repairs. The insurance company always decides on how they would like the vehicle repaired. If you are concerned about having new parts versus "other" parts, you should definitely speak with your insurance adjuster or agent for clarification. It is your right as the owner and the policy holder to inquire, and request new.

Will you be able to match the colour of paint on my vehicle?

  • We have chosen to do business with only the best automotive paint suppliers in the industry. These some paint suppliers also supply the vehicle manufacturers. We are always in accordance with the specs outlined by these suppliers.

Why do repair estimates differ from one auto bodyshop to another?

  • If is important to take the necessary time and/or steps to ensure all related damages as a result of an accident, are listed on an estimate. Most vehicle owners will not have the expertise to compare estimates line by line. Most consumers will compare prices which can be very misleading. Our staff will ensure each customer understands their estimate & feels comfortable with the repair process before proceeding with any repair. One should always confirm that any estimates received are accurate reflect the damages to be repaired. When comparing estimates from different auto body shops ensure you are comparing consistent estimates; apples to apples, NOT oranges to oranges.

Do I need to report my accident to the police?

  • By law, in most jurisdictions, you should report any accident involving a vehicle to the police. Many jurisdictions will NOT dispatch the police to the scene of an accident if there are only minor damages (under $1000/accident aggregate for all vehicles involved)

Will you report my accident to the insurance company?

  • No, only the registered owner of a vehicle or the named insured on the policy may report any accident or damages to the insurance company.

Do you provide courtesy vehicles?

  • We do not provide courtesy vehicles. If your claim is being handled by insurance, most policies have coverage which will afford you with a rental vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired. Please check with your insurance company contact to ensure you have the appropriate coverage.

Would I need to replace my child's car seat after an accident?

  • To ensure that your children are 100% safe, we ALWAYS recommend you replace your child’s car seat after being involved in an accident.


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