4Motion AWD Explained

Winter in Canada is unpredictable and harsh. That’s why you need an advanced all-wheel-drive system to make every drive enjoyable regardless of the weather. That’s what you get with Volkswagen 4Motion all-wheel drive.

For drivers looking for an edge to stay safe and get to their destination without issues in the winter, Volkswagen’s 4Motion AWD system is just the thing for you. Here’s a summary of how German-engineered 4Motion all-wheel drive can keep you safe on the road in winter and how it helps your Volkswagen perform better in a wide variety of conditions.

With 4Motion AWD, vehicle stability is guaranteed. When going over potholes and other rough road surfaces, for example, 4Motion can distribute power from one wheel to another to guarantee perfect stability. In other words, the wheel with the best traction gets the most power. When cornering, 4Motion applies the inner front wheel brake to increase stability and serve as a slingshot to propel you out of the curve. Volkswagen’s all-wheel-drive system can also assist owners when towing, as it transfers power to the front wheels to prevent the forward axle from tilting up and losing grip. Depending on the load you’re towing and the situation, it can also send power to the rear axle to ensure the best possible grip.

4Motion does the same thing when you’re climbing a steep slope. In this case, the front wheels will need more help. Power will be sent to the rear wheels to ensure optimum traction and grip. You’ll find 4Motion on a wide range of vehicles at Brantford Volkswagen, including the new Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen Atlas, Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen, Alltrack, and Golf R.

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